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Conversations About Freshwater Aquaria, with a little Salt sprinkled in!

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 Aqua Den Article Categories  Articles 
Tank Setup Articles
Here you'll find lots of information about setting up aquariums, including tank size, stocking, filtration, heaters, lighting, etc...
Tank Cycling Articles
New tank? Cloudy tank? Learn about the Nitrogen Cycle, and what needs to happen to have a successful aquarium with healthy fish.
Help! My Fish Is Sick
This section is the place to look for specific information about fish diseases and what you can do to prevent and treat them when they do occur.
Aquatic Gardening
Here are some specific articles about keeping a planted aquarium and what the nutrient and light requirements are, as well as what types of substrates work best.
Aquatic Species Profiles & Articles
Not sure how large that Pleco that you just bought is going to get? Or if that African Cichlid can go with that beautiful tetra that you just saw at your local fish store (LFS)? Check here for information about what types of fish go best together...
Saltwater Aquarium Articles
All saltwater related articles are here...
DIY (Do It Yourself) Aquatic Projects
Are you a handy-dandy thrifty type? Look here for members' recipes and intructions for everything from building your own CO2 reactor to constructing your own filter, lighting, etc. Know how to build these things? Well come on in and share your knowledge with others!
Aquatic Photography Articles
Many of our members are experienced in photography and have extended their knowledge to photographing fish and their tanks.
Aquatic Editorials, Short Stories & Experiences
Sometimes things have to be said... :) Here you will find an assortment of aquatic stories, editorials, and opinions.
Q & A : Interviews
From time-to-time, Aqua Den will conduct interviews with some of the most experienced fishkeepers and aquatic gardeners on the web. Check here for the latest!

New articles are being added all the time... Keep checking back! :)

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