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Help! My Fish Is Sick Articles
Diagnosing Aquarium Fatalities Articles  Author   Date 
A Methodical Approach To Diagnosing Fish Deaths And Problems
A methodical approach to diagnosing aquarium fatalities and how to fix the problem(s).
 2ManyFish  October, 2000
"My Fish Are Dying And I Don't Know Why!"
A few possibles causes of fish deaths and what to do about them.
 2ManyFish  June, 2002
Euthanasia Options (Putting A Fish To Sleep)
Every fishkeeper will at some point face a fish that is injured or ill to a degree that indicates it should be humanely euthanized. It is not a decision to make lightly, but sometimes is necessary after all options have been exhausted.
 Buddy  April, 2005

Parasites And Disease Articles  Author   Date 
Ich And How To Treat It
A description of ich and how to treat ich with the use of heat and salt.
 2ManyFish  September, 2000
"My Fish Have What?!?" - Ich
White spot disease explained and how to prevent and treat it.
 Dawn  August, 2002
Fish De-Worming Recipe
An ingenious way of treating those "hard to treat" fish for worms and other internal parasites.
 Dawn  September, 2003

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