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Tank Setup Articles
Tank Setup: General Information Articles  Author   Date 
Safety Around An Aquarium
A look at some of the potential hazards often found around an aquarium.
 2ManyFish  September, 2000
A Fishkeeper's Closet
Suggestions of the sort of supplies and accessories that fishkeeper's could keep on hand to be better prepared in an aquatic emergency.
 2ManyFish  September, 2000
Beginner's Tips For Successful Fishkeeping
A few things that everyone should know to guarantee a healthy, successful aquarium.
 2ManyFish  October, 2000
Cold Weather Emergencies And Aquariums
A few things to consider when dealing with a potential emergency in cold weather.
 2ManyFish  December, 2000
Radio And TV Interference From Your Fish
Your aquatic setup could be the cause of some interference experienced on your radio or TV.
 2ManyFish  December, 2000
Test Kits For The Maintenance Of A Healthy Aquarium
Find out what kinds are necessary, which are not, and what types to consider buying.
 Vicki  August, 2003
Moving and Transporting Your Livestock and Tanks
So you’ve found that perfect house or apartment, or are heading back to college or home… but how do you move the fish?
 Buddy  February, 2005

Tank Setup: Hardware In The Aquarium Articles  Author   Date 
Buying And Installing An Aquarium Heater
A guide to buying, installing, and using an aquarium heater.
 2ManyFish  September, 1999
Demystifying Filter Choices, Part One
Basics of filtration: mechanical, and biological filtration explained.
 2ManyFish  September, 2000
Demystifying Filter Choices, Part Two
Chemical filtration, corner-box filters, and power filters.
 2ManyFish  September, 2000
Demystifying Filter Choices, Part Three
Power filters continued, undergravel and fluidized bed filters.
 2ManyFish  September, 2000
Demystifying Filter Choices, Part Four
Cannister filters, homemade filters, and conclusion.
 2ManyFish  September, 2000
Maximizing Power Filter Performance
Types of power filters and filter performance maximization.
 2ManyFish  September, 2000

Tank Setup: Accessories In The Aquarium Articles  Author   Date 
Using Playground Sand As A Substrate In A Freshwater Aquarium
Use of playground sand as the substrate in your freshwater aquarium.
 Dave R  July, 2002
Rocks In Aquaria: A Geologist's View
The use of rocks in the aquarium: what to be aware of for their use in the aquarium, and ways of testing them.
 Laetacara1  March, 2003

Tank Setup: Additives In The Aquarium Articles  Author   Date 
Use Of Salt In A Freshwater Aquarium
The pro's and con's of adding salt to a freshwater aquarium.
 2ManyFish  September, 2000

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